Welcoming in a fine new year…

Finally settled in to Western New York after two weeks of packing and then unpacking.  Never realized how dependent you get to high-speed internet, but after three weeks of being disconnected we finally have the FIOS going.  I like my iPhone but it does serve as a horrible day-to-day computer, and the daily trek to Starbucks with my laptop to get an internet fix just wasn’t cutting it anymore!

Ended the year joining a great team at SODIUS.  Great move and very exciting!  Been working Systems and Software jobs  for product companies over the last 15 years and relying on these guys for their technology.  Now I’m able to bring their technologies to others to help them amplify their product development teams like I was able to do in the past.

While most of this blog will be directed to Software & Systems Engineering there will be the occasional tangents.  I’ve had the pleasure to learn and think from others blog posts and observations in the past so I’m looking forward to contributing back to the community.  So look here for the collection of observations, ideas, and the occasional “how-to”.  Stay tuned and looking forward to a great 2011!


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